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Infinity ePortering

Saving over 10,000 hours per year
London North West University Healthcare NHS


London North West University Healthcare invited Infinity Health, a DigitalHealth.London Accelerator company, to address key workflow and communication challenges at the Trust.

The Chief Information Officer selected Infinity Health to transform the coordination of patient transfers in the Emergency Department, in order to improve clinical efficiency and patient experience.

A multi-disciplinary team was set up to provide project management, clinical engagement, integration and technical support.

The Infinity ePortering solution was implemented at Northwick Park Hospital, coordinating approximately 9,000 requests each month (more than 100,000 per year), reducing the average time to complete a request by 6 minutes, saving over 10,000 hours pa.

“The collaboration with Infinity Health demonstrates how working with the right partners genuinely improves the daily working lives of our staff & ultimately, patient care.”

Sonia Patel, Chief Information Officer

London North West University Healthcare NHS


The previous process was outdated and paper-based, requiring staff working in the Emergency Department at Northwick Park Hospital, to go to a fixed location to request a porter.

Following the completion of each transfer or collection, porters had to return to this location in order to pick up the next job, which was both time-consuming and frustrating for all.

Tasks were written on a single piece of paper, which provided very limited information (for example ‘A3->Darwin’). Porters didn’t know who had made the request or even the patient’s name.

Additional information was rarely communicated, such as the requirement for a chair or other specialist equipment, which contributed to delays and cancellations.

Clinicians lacked the visibility to track when a porter had accepted their request, collected their patient or arrived at the destination. Inconsistent communication between the clinical and operational teams resulted in an inefficient and unreliable process.

Furthermore, clinical and operational managers lacked the data they needed to effectively manage and optimise the service.

“It has changed our lives, everyone now works as a team. We have more time to do our job, I love it more than anything else. I would recommend it 100%”

Cirtis Lozane, Porter Supervisor

London North West University Healthcare NHS

Our approach

In our experience, the most successful solutions are developed in collaboration with all stakeholders. We began by establishing a detailed understanding of the processes, environment and individuals involved.

Infinity Health worked in partnership with frontline staff, continuously evaluating and integrating feedback to ensure that the Infinity ePortering solution was easy-to-use and provided measurable benefits.


Clinicians and porters are reporting that they are now working together as a team, connected by technology.

Managers can reliably escalate and prioritise urgent requests and capture all activity in realtime, including the reasons for any cancellations.

The right information is being shared with the right people, at the right time. This has reduced cancellations by over 80%, resulting in a sustained reduction of over 6 minutes per porter request, which translates to a saving of more than 10,000 hours pa.

“Porters now know the patient’s name, can go to the right place with all the necessary equipment. It’s a giant leap forward from the paper system to wonderful software.”

Mark Davies, Portering Manager

London North West University Healthcare NHS

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Jo Garland

Clinical Director, Infinity Health
Email: [email protected] Connect: LinkedIn