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PM’s Health Advisor and national digital leaders commend Infinity Health project during London NHS Trust visit

1st October 2019

William Warr, the PM’s health advisor was joined by Matthew Gould, CEO of NHSX, and Sarah Wilkinson, CEO of NHS Digital, in a visit to Northwick Park and Hillingdon hospitals, part of London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust (LNWH), to see the technology challenges they face and the national support needed for large scale digital investment.

The visit included a showcase of existing innovations in use in the trust, including Infinity Health’s digital task management solution, which is being used to coordinate and manage porter requests across the Northwick Park site. Infinity is replacing a paper-based, handwritten request with their digital system which allows A&E staff to call a porter using mobile or desktop devices.

Matthew Gould said: “Even in the challenges you face, we see real bright spots of innovation, creativity and cutting-edge technology, like Infinity Health. It’s absolutely fantastic and confirms my view that actually there is a ton of innovation going on in the NHS and we just need to work out how we capture it, scale it. There are brilliant people thinking up brilliant things all over the trust.”

Sonia Patel, Chief Information Officer for the trust, added: “Our staff and patients need and expect more health-related data and technology at their fingertips. This means having the right digital tools and experience to work more efficiently and deliver better co-ordinated care with our partners. It’s also about improving patient engagement to help them better support their own health and wellbeing. Greater digital capacity will also help us to reduce the paper burden and duplication of processes.”

Elliott Engers, CEO at Infinity Health, said: “We know there can be complex challenges for NHS organisations looking to test and scale new digital innovations, so we are particularly pleased to partner with LNWH to improve the way care is coordinated. The trust has shown itself to be forward-thinking and as a result has experienced real improvement in efficiency, which translates into financial savings.”