Kisharon leads the way as first care provider to pilot Infinity

Pioneering charity first to deploy new healthcare task management and collaboration app.

Pilot designed to demonstrate how Infinity can release valuable time for care through efficiency gains and provide greater visibility across teams and organisations.

Kisharon, a specialist provider of education, opportunity and support services to people with learning difficulties, has become the first organisation to pilot Infinity – an innovative new app for smartphones and tablets, specifically designed to enable smarter collaboration, information handover, and task management within modern health and care teams.

Infinity has been developed by a combination of technology specialists and frontline medical practitioners to provide a quick and easy way to capture, access and share digital information about individuals who are in receipt of care or support in real-time. By offering greater continuity of information and unparalleled visibility of people, teams, wards and locations, Infinity helps teams improve the safety of individuals whilst reducing the time required to complete clinical tasks.

Kisharon is trialling Infinity at one of the 11 residences in London, where it provides adult supported living services. For the pilot, Infinity will be used to demonstrate how documenting information digitally and sharing it instantaneously across all team members’ mobile devices can release considerable time for supporting the people they look after whilst offering a single view of all their activities, movements and requirements.

The pilot is scheduled to last several weeks after which the impact of Infinity will be assessed and used as the basis for decisions about broader deployment within the Kisharon family of services and locations.

Further detail

Kisharon aims to create an environment where the people it looks after get the same opportunities as their mainstream peers. It works closely with every individual to enable them to progress, achieve independence, enjoy life, and be included in their communities.

Kisharon’s team provides an extraordinary quality of support. They create a plan for each individual based on their unique needs and the level of help required to achieve their ambitions. They are passionate about exploring and developing every person’s talent and to achieve this, the organisation ensures that staff have access to the latest techniques for working with a vast range of learning difficulties.

The Kisharon leadership team recognised that the exemplary support on which it prides itself requires staff to capture, store and share a considerable amount of information – from notes on residents’ external appointments to clinical tasks for every person, requests from family members, and preferences for religious and social activities. Kisharon is also aware that this huge volume of information is almost always captured through hand-written documents and often needs to be recorded multiple times in several different forms and locations so it can be easily accessed by various members of the team as required. This system, whilst detailed and meticulous, is also extremely time-consuming and makes the team’s visibility of up-to-date information about the people they look after almost entirely dependent on when and how staff members document and share the information in their heads.

Kisharon wanted to release more time for supporting the people it looks after and improve visibility for the whole team across all the individuals it supports. To do this it had to transform the way staff communicate, collaborate and manage tasks. It selected Infinity as an innovative new tool that could complement its existing approach and enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of its current task management and handover process.

Supporting quotes

Julia Brown, Director of Operations and Development at Kisharon: “Everything we do is focused on delivering an outstanding level of support for the people we look after. We rely on a considerable amount of detailed information to make this possible and so the way in which we gather, manage and impart that information across the team can have a significant impact on how the organisation performs. Infinity represents an exciting opportunity for us to explore a new way of taking our tried and tested approach to the next level. This innovative approach to task management and collaboration will really help us on the next stage of our journey and ensure we can be even better and more responsive for the people we support.”

Samuel Enikanolselu, Kisharon support staff: “I find Infinity so interesting, professional and efficient. It saves me time and helps to remind us all of obligations or tasks that could easily be forgotten if someone is not able to handover properly.”

Necola Reid-Warner, Supported Living Operations and Registered Manager at Kisharon sees how the benefits of Infinity can stretch beyond the support workforce and into the managerial team: “Infinity enables me to monitor service delivery and performance in a very flexible way. It has minimal impact on my timekeeping whilst giving me the peace of mind that the most vulnerable individuals that we look after are getting the high quality service they deserve.”

Elliott Engers, CEO at Infinity Health: “Kisharon is already an extremely well-run highly-functioning organisation with a desire to continuously improve. It is the perfect organisation to be the first to trial Infinity. I firmly believe it will have a profound impact on the amount of time the Kisharon team can spend with the people they look after, and will dramatically increase the visibility the management team has of its entire operation.”

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