NHS COVID-19 Support

We are offering Infinity’s care coordination and task management tools for free to NHS trusts for six months*, with the aim of alleviating some of the pressures faced by staff in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

As NHS organisations resume services and plan how to clear the backlog, whilst also coping with reduced staffing due, it is more important than ever that they find and use the best tools available to manage their workload, and improve safety.

Infinity helps healthcare professionals and organisations plan and manage their daily workloads more efficiently – making the best use of staff time and helping them tackle the backlog created by the global pandemic.

With Infinity, healthcare professionals can securely log, share and coordinate their activity in real-time. Visibility of tasks and their status connects staff in multidisciplinary teams, making collaboration and coordination easier and safer.

Frontline staff benefit from easier, safer, and less time-consuming task management, leading to improved satisfaction. Ward and site managers have full oversight of every activity in real-time, from site-level right down to task-level. This means they can spend less time gathering information, and more time making the data-driven decisions needed to improve patient flow, free up beds and drive value for money.


Improved care coordination
Using Infinity saves valuable clinical time and reduces the need to chase information by phone, bleep, or email.

Improved safety
Critical information is available immediately, reducing the risk of missed information.

Beds freed up
Managers can see and understand data at a more granular level than current systems allow, so they can make appropriate interventions to reduce bed blocking and improve patient flow.

Better coordination and support for staff
Appropriate coordination, support, and supervision can be given at the right time, helping teams to manage their workload more efficiently and safely and boost staff morale and retention.

Improved efficiency
Organisations can identify inefficiencies and plan resources more efficiently, providing the opportunity to reduce agency expenditure.

Easier audit
Infinity’s robust audit trail enables organisations to meet audit requirements more easily.

Immediate benefit realisation
Infinity is user-friendly, meaning staff training and deployment is rapid, and the benefits can be realised immediately.

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