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Infinity Patient Flow

Transforming healthcare with PwC

Our combined approach is to offer leading technology and sustainable behavioural change to fundamentally revolutionise care.

Digital Transformation & Behavioural Change

Infinity Health and PwC work closely with clinical and operational teams to improve healthcare performance, staff satisfaction and patient experience. Using Infinity Patient Flow, clinical staff can coordinate their activity and communicate critical information in real-time, enabling the site team to make data-driven decisions that optimise patient flow.

“Patient flow is central to patient experience, clinical safety and reducing the pressure on staff.”

NHS Improvement

Infinity Patient Flow

Ward View

The ward view is designed to support daily Board Rounds, Staff Handovers and Afternoon Board Huddles, providing the clinical teams with an up-to-date list of patients, allowing staff to update the status of tasks and the discharge plan for each patient on the ward.

Task management

Tasks can be easily managed to track progress throughout the day and any delays to the patient journey can be identified in real-time.

Discharge planning

Estimated Dates of Discharge (EDD) are regularly reviewed and revised as part of the ward’s daily rhythm, providing an accurate discharge profile to the site team.

Infinity Patient Flow

Site View

This view combines data from existing systems and the Infinity ward views to create a reliable and live bed- state. Wards are grouped by speciality with a summary of available beds and planned discharges updated in real-time by clinical staff.

More Information

The site team can drill down to gain context and understanding in order to make data-driven decisions that optimise patient flow, whilst allowing ward teams to focus on patient care.