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Safer, more efficient care coordination and task management for health and care

Infinity is a digital platform on which health and care staff can log, share and coordinate their daily care tasks in real-time, solving many communications issues that arise with current paper-based processes.

At site-level, Infinity’s real-time dashboards give managers clear visibility of bed availability and capacity, helping them to make data-driven decisions to better manage patient flow.

From task and patient-level, to ward and whole-site-level, we support health and care staff to manage the clinical and operational tasks – that are critical to providing safe and effective care.


Improved efficiency of care coordination compared to paper-based methods, releasing time to care and creating better value

Safe, secure, compliant, and fully interoperable with health and care information systems

Improved safety and quality of care through better team collaboration and communication in real-time

Improved staff experience and satisfaction with modern, fit for purpose tools

Caseload Management

Staff can easily access their caseload and apply custom filters to help them prioritise more efficiently than with paper lists. Staff might for example choose to see only tasks allocated to a named clinician, only tasks with a particular skill set required, or even patients that are scheduled to be discharged that day.

Filters are flexible and customisable to any organisation’s needs, ensuring every member of staff can prioritise appropriately.

Track Activity

Infinity’s real-time dashboards give managers and coordinators the tools they need to track, allocate and prioritise their team’s activity.

Update in real-time

Staff can accept tasks and mark them as in-progress, completed or cancelled, at the point-of-care, providing visibility to colleagues. As a result, time-consuming tasks that are often duplicated – such as phoning for results or to check that tasks have been completed – are no longer necessary.

Plan Care

Staff can easily plan patients’ care using Infinity; new tasks can be added using templates or custom options, which save time whilst giving flexibility.

Assign & Coordinate Tasks

New tasks can be allocated to a named staff member at any time, who can then be automatically notified.

Data & Reports

Ward and site managers have full oversight of all activity, from site level right down to granular task-level, meaning they can make decisions in real-time to improve patient flow, for example intervening in scenarios where preventable “bed blocking” may occur, or altering teams’ skills mix to meet demand.

Record All Activity

All activity is recorded automatically in Infinity for audit purposes. If required, organisations can delve into data to see who did what and when; this insight can be used to plan resources or investigate queries.

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