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Infinity Health shortlisted for HTN Award

18th September 2020

We are delighted to have been shortlisted for a prestigious HTN Award, in the category “Digital at the Point of Care” for our work with London North West’s STARRS team.

The HTN Awards celebrate technology and innovation making a difference across health and care in the UK. Now in their fourth year, the awards provide a platform to showcase and share good practice in the NHS.

Last year, we won the “Partnership of the Year” award with our portering project at London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust, and so are delighted to be shortlisted for this year, too. 

The shortlisting recognises the results from Infinity’s implementation at London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust, where the platform is being used to make clinical task management safer and more efficient for the short-term assessment, rehabilitation and reablement service.

STARRS supports patients almost 9,000 patients a year, who might otherwise have to stay in hospital or be admitted following an A&E attendance or deterioration of a medical condition to be discharged safely to their homes. Previously, the service had been using an outdated system and handwritten paper lists to manage its clinical and operational tasks.

Infinity Health now provides its digital task management platform for STARRS staff, who as a result no longer use handwritten notes or printed lists. Tasks are accessible from any location via Infinity, and their status, notes, and other information can be updated in real-time, directly from visit locations. 

In just a few areas of work, Infinity is saving STARRS staff an estimated 7.4-8.6 hours of time per day, equivalent to up to 3,147 hours a year. Additionally, Infinity has reduced the number of necessary phone calls by 3,103 a year. 

Using Infinity, time savings in travel to handover alone have built some staff members’ capacity to see 1-2 extra patients per day, which would amount to 365-730 extra patients per staff member per year. If realised across the service, STARRS’ capacity to visit patients would increase by 27-55%, without increasing staff numbers.

Read the full case study here.